Discover the Professional Digital Signage Server Software for On-Premise Applications

2023-04-21 23:23:41 By : admin
Ledersun Technology Co., Ltd Launches Digital Signage Server Software for On-Premise Applications

Ledersun Technology Co., Ltd, a leading LCD display technology application supplier, recently launched its latest digital signage server software for on-premise applications, running on Microsoft Windows server with SQL database. The new software, which is currently marketed under the brand name Navori QL, promises to deliver exceptional performance and versatility to businesses in need of digital signage solutions in commercial areas.
Digital Signage Server Software - Navori QL Server

The Navori QL digital signage server software is a professional-grade platform designed to help businesses harness the full potential of digital signage for effective communication with customers, visitors, and employees. The software allows users to create, manage, and distribute multimedia content to digital displays, including LCD screens, video walls, and interactive kiosks, among others.

Unlike many other digital signage server software solutions on the market, Navori QL is an on-premise application, offering enhanced security, reliability, and local control of digital signage networks. With Navori QL, businesses can manage their digital signage content and devices locally, without having to rely on internet connectivity or cloud-based solutions.

"We understand that businesses value the security and control that on-premise solutions offer, and that's why we developed Navori QL. Our new software is a reliable and versatile platform that can meet the demands of different businesses in various industries," said Mr. Zhang, the CEO of Ledersun Technology Co., Ltd.

Navori QL features an intuitive user interface that simplifies digital signage management tasks. The software offers an extensive library of templates, widgets, and media players, enabling users to design and customize their content quickly and easily. Advanced scheduling, playback, and real-time monitoring features ensure that digital signage networks remain up-to-date, relevant, and engaging.

The software's compatibility with different hardware and software platforms makes it ideal for businesses with diverse digital signage requirements. Navori QL integrates with leading media player devices, including BrightSign, Apple TV, and Android devices, among others. It also offers APIs for seamless integration with third-party software and services.

"Navori QL is a complete solution for digital signage management. It offers powerful features and functionalities, yet remains user-friendly and accessible. Its versatility and compatibility make it an ideal solution for businesses in different industries, including retail, hospitality, education, transportation, and more," added Mr. Zhang.

Overall, Navori QL is a professional digital signage server software designed to help businesses maximize their marketing, communication, and branding efforts through the power of digital signage. With its enhanced security, reliability, and simplicity, Navori QL is set to become a game-changer in the digital signage market.

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